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  1. really ? you guys couldnt go with out it could you
  2. what you say and what happened are two different things but you aint denying your patnas running like hoes nigga ????
  3. exactley all that yappin and aint sayin nuthin
  4. last time i seen ceaz that nigga ran :lol: nigga ther ran too niggas aint shit
  5. :lol: :lol: all that talkin and aint saying nothin :lol:
  6. really tho stop making threads why dont you guys invest as much time making threads on here doing graff?
  7. stop making threads already this is stupid
  8. Re: ---->WEAR THE SHARCKS ROME<---- where? and nigga how can you fags even speak about style ? :lol:
  9. Re: ---->WEAR THE SHARCKS ROME<---- if you know where im at come see me pussy. and why the fuck would i tell the moderators about you . nigga you live in a fantasy world. you know who i am come see me.
  10. Re: ---->WEAR THE SHARCKS ROME<---- damn you made a new screen name you a bitch say who you are pussy girl
  11. Re: ---->WEAR THE SHARCKS ROME<---- :confused: some fucked up shit not no one from the A thats for sure:lol:
  12. Re: ---->WEAR THE SHARCKS ROME<---- it is themaker he has nothing to do but hide behind screen names cause he a bitch ass nigga
  13. Re: ---->WEAR THE SHARCKS ROME<---- :confused: :confused:
  14. Re: ---->WEAR THE SHARCKS ROME<---- you guys dont know how to fuckin spell sharks? or roam?
  15. Re: Fucking Favorite Flickr Flicks i know that but we started this movement.
  16. when was he talkin shit online? i just wanna know these things? and it was the t who called that shit on him bro if your gonna speak about it tell the truth at least
  17. so jbf is your affiliates and also tdm cause they the ones who did it?
  18. but it was someone else who jumped him?:confused: not you guys
  19. Re: Fucking Favorite Flickr Flicks that shit is dipped in hash oil its called honey bud cali shit where we got a licnsce to smoke trees
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