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  1. a fan asked dana if he could put the belt on him at the q & a i guess he let him
  2. :lol: :lol: i see there aint no denial to you being a homosexual though
  3. i could simply care less as to his grammar . my whole point is to prove to all his boys they are riding with a homosexual faggit. anyways as for my spelling ok you got me there. but what do you have to say about your homies sexual encounters with men he has had in the streets or prison. i dont give a fuck if you were in the system when you had these encounters with men. either way you look at your logic you are gay bro. you fucked another man . you are a certified homosexual. im not to concerned with insulting him as im more concerned on letting you all know the truth about your dick loving homosexual friend.
  4. bro you been making everyone wonder about you .... what world do you live in that you think being a homosexual is cool? anyways you keep bringin up fraze on some fairytale shit my nigg doe said dont speak on his name fuckboy. :lol: you niggas make me laugh with your used to stories
  5. i know for a fact sicr and ther aint bout that LOL :lol:
  6. so your saying you had other thoughts of you having homosexual encounters which brings truth to what i said about you bring gay you fuckin dicksuckin fag
  7. nigga doe got no love for you thats a fact fuckboy. and im damn sure aint noone hiding from your scrawny ass. and nigga if you gonna talk about shit spell psycological right something you know nothing bout you dumb fuckin wanna be faggit.
  8. and honestly if you gangsta and he took the stand against you why didnt you ride on him GANGSTA? o thats right you was having homosexual relations with a transvestitie that must of got you caught up right? my bad GANGSTA you a CERTified homosexual
  9. nigga never pointed no fingers dont go making shit up now. bro RIKA doesnt ring a bell? nigga you are a straight faggit i dont hear you denying it. nigga dont try and flip shit around. and frase wasnt the only one saying this. it was from 3 credible sources. you are a fuckin fag . quit trying to rap cause y our shit weak son. his bro told me yous a bitch nigga as well both of them said this so keep your mouth shut fuckboy
  10. cert your a fuckin homosexual you were housed with a transexual in prison upon your request . you can never be a thug with a dick in your butt faggit:lol:
  11. so you sayin your hooked up wit them?:confused:
  12. http://www.youtube.com/verify_age?next_url=http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DoGEIDq9Wqek
  13. why on earth would you tag on a DUDE with some spandex on? cert did you do that:lol::confused:
  14. :lol::lol: whats that garbage?
  15. Haha like Ive said fuk all u sukkas and step it up!!!!! Only Fairys Allowed and OLd Dirty Bitches hahaha
  16. Hahahaha u dudes are sukas so let's do this.....
  17. Lets see how tuff u talk when i show up where your mama stay
  18. U dont see anyone in the streets cause u in the house. Wit your dropout homie who gets slapped in jail.
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