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Everything posted by AnthonyOTorres

  1. qualitest is garbage you need activis
  2. how did i run when i walked up to a car full of you homosexuals and none of you hopped out?
  3. you must not be out. we got shit running. :lol: anyways hit me on pm let me know what you write
  4. you got a bag on your machine but no gloves on?
  5. still didnt answer my question my friend
  6. dont take me no where just to facebook. whats her name
  7. this is actually a really good tattoo
  8. cain is set to fight november 19 out in san jose.
  9. ouch this guy is awesome LOL post more work from this guy :lol:
  10. u ofa niggas stay droppin names on the internet
  11. u should mind your own but no feelings are involved at all.
  12. what battle? shits something else they aint winning the funk thats for sure
  13. great prediction LOL no shit though dude is boring ass hell but the rest of the card was pretty decent i must say
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