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  1. that dajam is some dense matter
  2. and you shouldn't of said anything cause now your getting KTFO
  3. prolly had six of thoose bad boys under the shirt
  4. Gotta get em with the iron maiden
  5. bump ammo, sirus, lightup, and all that dope nex level 90's shit fuck haters
  6. just get a regular sketch book, the blackness of the book isn't gonna make the shit in it doper
  7. I crossed that shit out Whoever took that picture didnt get the hollows and handstyles right next to the diss, but believe me they were there And next time you guys decide to paint over my shit buy some better paint cause the weak ass white scrap can yall left me was pathetic, it did the job though
  8. Buddah Movers, what yall know?
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