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  1. visited a couple weeks ago and snapped a couple pics
  2. bump this...really dope throw
  3. taken from TKO thread tlok tlok'd
  4. bone was a good comic book
  5. here comes killy to eat your br41ns gam3
  6. you're a fucking dumbass if you can't tell that those two dose pictures are the same exact one. i'm from atlanta...same throw...same fucking sign...langford parkway exit. depth perceptionzz0rz :D
  7. totem is not in msk - jesus on a cross
  8. uh...because it went with what i was talking about
  9. some of the spots in here are definitely retarded...but who sees this, other than the occasional passery-by?
  10. it's a made up word, but yes it's spelled right. shit's dope, but how is it retarded? because it's long?
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