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  1. somebody posted that karso kid in the terrible graffiti thread :lol:
  2. In Texas they actually fingerprint you and run you nationwide for warrants at the DMV. And they have cops there to lock you up if anything pops up. Imagine going to renew your liscense or state ID and getting arrested on the spot.
  3. <---

    RGK Boys....

    Didn't some of these kids snitch on eachother? Wasn't Radar one of the snitches? Or am I wrong?
  4. Exactly! Not to mention the shitload of mexican spots. But I was under the impression that this thread was about fastfood burger chains. So I only mentioned the fastfood burger chains.
  5. I'm not gonna argue that. But if ever passing through, that shit is far better than any other fast food chain that you ever been to.
  6. When in Texas it's all about Whataburger and Burger Time! Yall just don't know!
  7. Couldn't really tell you. Would you like my social security number though? Maybe a mug shot? Finger prints as well? Maybe a scan of my birth certificate with my little baby footprints on it? Photos of all my tatoos? Would you like a hair too for DNA testing? I guess I should just tell yo what I write and give you my adress while i'm at it too huh?:lol: :rolleyes:
  8. I'm feelin everything you said in this post. Espescially the part about a nigga not even having handstyles.... untill I saw you sign off as Kars. Please tell me you're not Kars! Please tell me Kars of all people didn't just lay into a kid about HANDSTYLES!:lol:
  9. You kids jock the worst graffiti, then turn around and dis someone for doing it right. I don't get it.
  10. Pick the worst Cyfer/Sypher that's on this thread.... it's 10000 times better than anything else being done in Seatle.
  11. Is anybody not convinced that Theo Huxtable is a cop anymore?:rolleyes:
  12. Too many of those weren't worth the effort of flicking. Much less the effort of uploading onto your computer then onto photobucket and then posting them for everyones eyes to bleed. Please think about what you're posting beforehand. I'm sure if you try you can find better stuff to flick.
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