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  1. DewrNYC

    Orlando's sketch/outline thread

    I just moved back to Orlando from Hawaii and saw a swell tag downtown. I had to laugh cause my boy brother wrote swell back when i lived in NY and i thought it was him. :)
  2. DewrNYC

    The Official 12oz. Exchange Thread

    shit Freak i've been sleeping on the piece for you, ill get it up as soon as possible
  3. DewrNYC

    Toys post here...

    looks like "Eph"
  4. DewrNYC

    Toys post here...

    Nah man, but i do live the Sanatana Dharma, lineage Bhagavan Nityanda, school of thought Trika Kashmir Shaivism.
  5. DewrNYC

    Toys post here...

    Unfinished <-------
  6. DewrNYC

    The Official 12oz. Exchange Thread

    Im down Freak...
  7. DewrNYC

    Graffiti wars

    Not for nothin, but why is it that the biggest no tallent Toys pop the most shit?
  8. DewrNYC


    Dont get it Twisted.. New Yorks got the best of everything period.... Hawaii? Shit no disrepect, but when did they start bombing? When someone from LA or NY moved out there in the late 80's.. shitttttt........ Oh wait i got it.... when "Subway Art" Came out in the late 80's and every nigga picked it up...
  9. DewrNYC


    Any nigga who has been around since the early 90's knows the "cock" was hip... LOL Fuck Florida im outta here...... IM goin back to NY so i can bomb again..
  10. DewrNYC

    the NEW sketch thread

    Oh i got ya... Nah man, never seen nor bit off of that character. That shit came from the chidakash ;).....Consciousness .....
  11. DewrNYC

    If you could meet one writer...

    I'd wanna meet a legend... Cause bombers aint got shit to teach you really.. Maybe T-kid... Diam.. Loomit I met too many NYC bombers, we were prolly smoking dust together in some NY club or smokin an L
  12. DewrNYC

    have you ever tried to drink paint?

    Re: have you ever tried to paint drunk ? Almost everytime i panted i was 3 40's deep... 5 or so times i was a bit more.. those were the times i got pinched... Being torn up makes you brave, but stupid too... Shit im drunk right now
  13. DewrNYC


    drunk slopppp
  14. DewrNYC


    Bringin back the ol'skool dick... Gettin more lite... OE is a mutha fucka
  15. DewrNYC

    The 3D pages.

    SOme of what these cats are saying is true.. I've been writing for almost 20 yrs and just decided to jump on the 3D train... Honestly, i can burn with the rest of them in paint and and paper(although i took a 3 year break so im rusty).. BUT 3D shit is on some other level type shit.. Some of these cats who can't piece on the 2D level, mind you can't even do readables, probaly shouldn't be diving into 3D realms.... BTW Wriot your shit is ill, abstract and as an artist im diggin it... not dick riding, just diggin it.. ;) oN3