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  1. tons of vintage paint on ebay just now... http://cgi.ebay.ca/Vtg-Cambridge-Blue-Metallic-Auto-Spray-Paint-Can-Krylon-/280634929724?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item415725323c look under the sellers name hes got tons more 6 hrs left!
  2. so 10 years ago cops rushed my place w/o warrant, took sketches and knew what i wrote... I didnt admit to anything and charges eventually were stayed by the crown... now i want to start writing the same name again im wondering if police would be able to prosecute me easily based on what they already know about me(who I am/what I write/photocopies of sketches) t OR would they have to get an entirely new investigation going considering that the 'stayed charges' are freed after 1 year? im not understanding the circumstances behind charges being 'stayed' in this type of case. thanks "BRO"
  3. ^^^ taking a punch with 8oz or 10oz gloves feels the same as 16oz. gloves are just meant to protect the hands and so fighters can grapple. ever grapple with 16oz on your hands? yeah , it is fucking retarded.
  4. lol you shouldn't be critisizing people when you are hitting skateparks.
  5. you should know bloody elbow and sherdog are complete bullshit garbage sites.
  6. my review: the movie was HILARIOUS and awesome... i dont know why so many of your insecure geeks decide it's necessary to waste your time and mental health creating anxiety for yourself based on someone elses success... "FUCK I HATE IT FUCK BANKSY" - who. fucking. cares. i dont particularly like street art, but i can still appreciate a movie, especially as well crafted as this... when banksy showed 'mr brainwash's' documentary that was made before 'banksy took a crack at it' - was fucking HILLLLLLARIOUS i was roaring with laughter when the horror movie esque film was shown for a few moments... could be that i was high as fuck. also, the speculation that 'mr brainwash' is fake, and the paintings he sold were infact banksy's (who made them like shit on purpose) also adds a good element to the film.
  7. a few years ago me and 2 friends were walking down an alley tagging and bombing.. then we realized as I was finishing a fillin that it was a hells angels building. we raced out of there before anyone had noticed on the videocameras.... eventually the HA went looking for us... they found another writer and he ratted us out... we had to meet the owner of the building who was semi big in HA and hope we didnt get our asses beaten as you wouldn't want to fight back lol... we didnt as I was very respectful... just had to pay to clean it off which fucking sucked.
  8. i heard snak was hard up for some crack rock and sucked off hoser for a few 20's.
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