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  1. Damn fine result mone, well worth the wait. Cheers bro
  2. Bump this Trackside I'm sure everybody's seen this but dope nonetheless
  3. Cheers bruz. Post up an entry to the next one ya lazy cunt
  4. Cheers centry, your fill looks pretty ill too man, would be keen to see a bigger flick. Also that xoxox joint is on point
  5. I believe we have reached the deadline. My vote goes to phenom
  6. Doesn't calling me a hater make you a hater? Neg for that And you clearly bit this dude hard Neg for that Edit: That's a mad start to the page, those sketches got some flavour
  7. Nice as always alts, centry looking ok and phenom always effortlessly good
  8. This was mad tight between resto, perts and cuze but ima have to give it to the PERTS
  9. All just my old flicks.. Can't see what that cap says but looks like he was up there for a while
  10. Fucked up the b, shouldn't have put the cutout at the bottom... Moz looking decent man, I reckon they'd look better if you did longer strokes with the pen, less texture to the overall colouring...
  11. My contribution, all my colour pens are dry haha
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