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  1. livejig

    Spray Paint

    the krylon Burnt Orange seems a lot like Rustos Burnt range to me. That new Fern Green is the tits and the Lobsta Red!!!! Amber satin is a little lighter than Honey another favorite....
  2. livejig

    Spray Paint

    Sunset orange mixed with some plum and you get a hot raspberry. RUSTO! If I had to choose Krylon again Brick and Jungle Green were my favorites.
  3. livejig

    Spray Paint

    Rusto and American Accents all day!Lagooooooon son..... Fern Green,Lobstah Red and Amber Satin.
  4. Most of us are strapped due to all the mountain lion and coyote attacks here. If you trap a skunk and gut its stink sacks out and spread em around the yard you will not be bothered by them.
  5. Be careful of the mountain lions in the yards^^^^^^
  6. livejig

    PRE.ONE! Philly

    Library? Train museum?
  7. Damn check out the oldie^^
  8. livejig


    Thats fresh......
  9. livejig

    Spray Paint

    Why not rack or buy 2 cans and try it?
  10. livejig

    Spray Paint

    Smells like coconut,vanilla sun tan lotion.
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