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  1. Speechless amount of burners on cleans.
  2. What goes around comes back around...
  3. Kid feels huge in his little town. Sucks when real hard hitters come and smash your town fuck there bitches and burn em with or with out 12 0z! Toy,toy,toy,toy,toy,toy.... That toy couldnt burn a bag of shit! He's just going diss shit! wow never seen that before. Step it up and show it on a wall or freight? Straight toy,toy,toy,toy,toy,toy....
  4. Suckers Will Suffer! Fool got dissed and still couldnt even burn AGENT! Wack as throws dont even burn AGENTS throws. Toy,toy,toy,toy,toy,toy,toy..... Just like the dick riding toys on here.... Toy,toy,toy,toy,toy,toy.....
  5. Why is the Slek posted on here? Really!
  6. Great production. Love the lighthouse/can.
  7. Great collection.... That old Twist is ill.
  8. One of the best collections I have seen in a while! Great posts!
  9. R.I.P. King Case-2 The Killa Manilla Drilla!!!!!
  10. livejig

    Spray Paint

    What is happening to paint quality vs. dollar value....
  11. Have not been on here in a while... Any new flicks of whats happening?
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