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  1. doppppe, howd u get the brick effect on that so clean?
  2. that costume is awesome. heres another im not sure if im done with or not
  3. word up fooooorks i dig that idea. i'll def add some stuff like that. my girly suggested paintin an old man sittin on that hill on the left with like a tool box or hammer or something like he built the house. tthought that was pretty tight
  4. yo med thats the point man. easy things to do but nothin's done but dank weed being smoked. been thinkin about that sky, but i dunno if i want to redo the whole thing. i kinda dig the darmer, nighttime feel of it.... thanks for the crits tho peeps
  5. anyone got suggestions on this? tryin to finish it and dont know how to
  6. peace to sheldon at lil nugget sellin awful awfuls
  7. watch ur signature homeboy


    i just beat cod 4 on the super hard level. yay! slow mo son
  9. super mario kart will be dope. i still play the 64 mario kart. i kill at that game
  10. plus plezos got some ill hoppers. other dudes just on chill walls
  11. oink is cheap but you have to pay an extra 20 bucks or somehting for shipping anyways, so might as well buy them in person
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