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  1. gotcha! there are too many to pick a fave... the sik and dread should of stayed on paper haha
  2. Hey This is ACT, usin some dude's computer, I will be out for Turkey Day. I'm gonna hollar at you SOFA
  3. this has to be the best one ever on the wall the others are just perpetrating
  4. damn i thought a shorty would respond hahaha.
  5. damn lucky that wall didnt melt from the heat from this burner...... wanna do a sketch exchange
  6. the internet isnt the only way to see denver freights try getting off the computer and going to a yard
  7. kaper chunk really good flikr too
  8. krs-one is a bitch and fuck all this lets all hug hip hop fuck that little snitch krs-one her called the cops on wutang and rahzel for puffing herb in denver like 6 years ago. Go take your positive mind shit and make kids bop records
  9. anyone wanna do a real exchange where we paint it after.. please some one that can do real letter structure and piece right
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