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  1. Except it's not the real DTS. Jasp should know better than that.
  2. 10 months clean. Still feels real wild.
  3. It's a bummer to see jeter go out like that, always a fan of his, the consummate professional. Big win for detroit though, oh yeah FUCK VALVERDE, guys a fucking mark.
  4. In 16 hours I'm heading Iceland-Reykjavik and to Germany-Frankfurt. Never been to europe pretty excited. Any must see places in either of these cities?
  5. I got 5 months sober on monday. Life is all right, I got the normal problems that everyone has and they still fucking suck to deal with but this time I'm not getting high or drunk over them, which makes them infinitely easier to deal with. I'm working the steps, I'm doing some small service work, no service positions or anything but rides, support and fellowship. I was doing 6-7 meetings a week but have cut it back to 4-5. I started making some amends but haven't really pushed that shit. It's weird dealing with myself, thoughts and emotions, in a sober state. I'm finding out that I don't
  6. maybe hs wasn't feeling chaos going over oar dont?
  7. Tigers starting to get their shit together. Looking good in their last 20, only 1.5 out of first and we have wsox at home this weekend. I'm going tonight, Verlander vs Peavy, and sunday afternoon. Probably the most important series so far this year for the tigers, first place could be ours with a sweep but not very likely with Porcello and Turner pitching Sat and Sun. The central is finally starting to get interesting. Let's go Tigers.
  8. Go over gasm, don't cover gasm up and hit him up on the side=no beef/no problems. :confused: It's crazy what big letters can get away with in this city.
  9. Last time I saw that spot, which happened to be last night, it was completely intact. No need for unnecessary beef.
  10. 60 days clean today.
  11. what's really good is that neither of you are from this city and we have to read about how much you guys love each other. Keep beefing though, seeing it on the streets and in flick form is entertaining just try not to make the detroit thread your shit talking forum. thanks. edit for flicks.
  12. can I request a better flic of that green static? shit looks dope.
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