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  1. I think I'm the first to mention Magdalena.
  2. He gave you 400 cans + "bad ass mops" to avoid a beating. Then you woke up, right?
  3. And what if he's not? Stop being so reverse racist. You don't know what it's like, being white. Coming home from my desk job, and missing my favorite Friends rerun.
  4. Yeah, Sally is medieval. That name went out of use when all the warlords moved out of their castles. Next you're gonna say Alex and David are outdated too, right?
  5. Doesn't anyone like that Reep? Homeboy got skull stencils in his piece.
  6. I liked the "I didn't believe him" line much more. They point of setting the dynamite was to kill the people coming for the women, Sawyer basically finished the job.
  7. Locke can do no wrong, I'm certain everything he does is for a good reason. He's Jesus of the island, basically.
  8. Word, Mikhail is a fucking mutant. And I'm not sure if I like the flash forward idea, it revealed too much. No matter what happens, Jack and Kate make it off the island.
  9. Didn't the writers already say that they are not going to take the "alternate reality" route on any of the story lines? I thought that was stated. I think Jack is just fucked up. He says something like "go upstairs and call my dad" and the doctor gives him a weird look. That shit with Charlie is shaky. He could have easily ran out of the room and locked the door from the outside, or just ran the fuck out, jumped inside the huge pool, and swam to the boat. That shit was suicide, but Charlie isn't suicidal, he has a family now. I guess his rationale is that if he doesn't follow Desmond
  10. I think it's possible. Fox News can make an issue out of anything. Imagine the talking heads, "Popular video game lets children simulate terrorist attacks."
  11. The voice might be this guy: He also sings for Gogol Bordello.
  12. The media would want to jump on any GTA-related controversy, the hot coffee thing was a great way to distract people from real news.
  13. Yes I read that. I didn't think that was a mystery. Ben exploited Michael to get to Jack, we already knew that. Now we kinda know that it was all premeditated. Still a waste of an episode.
  14. No, tell me, what did I miss aside from minute details? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was already revealed that Charlie attacked Sun.
  15. Yeah we learned why "Paolo" went to the bathroom when they were in the hatch.
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