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  1. oh, i remembered one. too bad i have no points with this one.
  2. this is my last day here... i won't be back here for about 17 weeks. i'll return with stories about bootcamp and shower sex i'm sure, but until then: goodbye children of the ounce. -the goon
  3. did you check the hogzilla vid? thats a huge fucking pig. 1100 pounds. holy christ. amazing.
  4. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread its my last night in town. *tear* drinking. much drinking. but not so much as to make it impossible to get laid. i'd like that much. i'd also like to establish easy tang for when i get back to town. i'm not a nice person. my room mate just called me an asshole because i was making fun of wine snobs in boulder and how i sell them wine that they don't want. ie "i'd like something thats fairly fruity, but rather dry, medium body and acidity." i just latch on to the fact that they asked for dry and sell 'em riesling. fuckers. i hate packing. fucking boring. and it swear i'm getting nothing done. dammit. westham plays tomorrow. woooo. no football for 16 weeks. thats going to be strange. i'm bored.
  5. you and my jewy room mate have the same birthday. have a good one
  6. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread i wanted to smash her real bad way back when.
  7. Re: fucking christians, listen to me i had this argument with my mother yesterday... she said that "losing her son to satan" (referring to me being an atheist) was the hardest thing she'd ever gone through. worse than chemo and her parents' deaths. in conclusion, religion is great for weak minds and even better for controlling people with. fuck all that noise.
  8. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread its all messican to me.
  9. hesh, the only way i can make you see this as bad: PGW agreed with you saying its "thumbs up" if that doesn't make it gay, i don't know what does... i don't hate it. i've seen worse bags. boulder's got crazy northface stuff available. i'm sure you can get it stateside
  10. can't believe nobody else called this shit out... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING??? science, statistical fact, and repeated experience are not opinion. certain things are subjective, sure, but you're a goddamn moron. (fact)
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