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  1. Just for clairification is this the sins from KC or STL
  2. spec for my vote. Clint eastwood kills
  3. So, I gotta bunch of euro tips. that dont do SHIT on rustos american accents. so. what the fuck good are they for if i dont ahve any more euro paint cants. also with the american accents. whats the best cap for flares for this shit, i just have a grip of rusto fat tips, but my ny fat tips dont work for shit on em, all sputter and blowback from the bottom of the tips. Some one give me the 101 on these.
  4. Distort photos. lookin forward to seein em
  5. Thats a real bitch way to avoid his shot at ya. A direct hit i guess huh? One you couldnt refute or deny.. so you came up with that shit ^^^ Weak.
  6. quick shout to some chicago heads, I need to know if yall know an SYC crew and i got a question on one of teh cats who said he rolled with them and wrote. just need to know if he was up or not. Get at me if you can. Anyone even recognise an syc crew?
  7. suicide.. if your a juggalo piece of shit..its the onlything in life you will HOPEFULLY do right.. suicide.
  8. Fuck you mother teresa. Fuck you with a wiffle ball bat. Suicide is your only answer.
  9. na your correct in callin that. Truth.
  10. Go home. take off all your bam margera clothing and remove your eyeliner. Take your fathers pistol, Carve this into your chest.. and pull the trigger. Thats the symbol to get down to, If ya know, ya know. and your a dark motherfucker. Oh dear lord.now your going to write that on all your school notebooks? Oh and your Goat of Mendez sucks, Which by the way its a goats head of fertility...more so of a witch craft and masonic symblo to begin with. But really... if this is how you rebel.. pink shit, eyeliner, and psudo satanic symbols... then rage on ... Just
  11. I bet ya older sister whips ya ass arround the house cause you spilled her grape koolaid all on her interracial porn magazines..:lol:
  12. actually G. that above. he writes victor for practice. but thanks.....
  13. just doing some shit at work. almost the Same outlines. Different from there.
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