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  1. working on a different word
  2. i filled up my pilot several time with do em dirty and that shit comes out opaque almost see through on everything do i need to cut it with a dark colored in? if so whats good for that?
  3. Mez

    Character Post

    i couldn't find my red marker so it its not completely finished.
  4. Mez

    Character Post

    i've learned more in math class than i have in art class
  5. a character i've been working on
  6. trying some new things.
  7. why do u care so fucking much if its so useless stop wasting ur time and posting on it, you guys go bitch about some other thread if that how you apparently use all your time so once again if you don't like don't go on this thread i can care less about what you guys think so go ahead and bitch but do it some where else cuz i don't want to hear it. how many time do i have to say it
  8. why the fuck do you care so much if u think its sucks so much don't go one its pretty siple instear of clicking on NORTH BAY, California click on some thing else i don't need you to tell me what to do.
  9. turf.... i don't think so.... but i don't get around alot.
  10. i've seen wars alittle bit but u might wanna check with other ppl
  11. hood is that paeday getting buffed?
  12. thats wut i thought it looked like.
  13. editings FOR CHUMPS LIKE YOU!! and stop using my name
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