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  1. Akrisone

    For teh gush.

    Re: Gayest thread yet. Ever. For serious. To summarise this thread... Neg'd
  2. Not too bad but I think your high if you think the b's will sweep the habs...that series is gonna heavily damage the b's for the second round...they won't win the cup this year purely because they are going to be so battered right off the start. VAN 3 CHI 4 SJ 3 LA 4 DET 4 PHX 1 ANA 4 NSH 2 WSH 4 NYR 1 PHI 4 BUF 1 BOS 4 MTL 2 PIT 4 TBL 3
  3. B's and Habs is all I am looking forward to. I'm not even a fan of anyone in the play offs this year. The oil and leafers are out. Finals will be b's vs vancouver (if they get past chi town first round)
  4. As much as this bitch is nothing special at all, I don't think one of you homos would say no if she offered and you didn't know her past...you would then also be pleasantly surprised by the fact that she will do ATM and let you bust on her face
  5. I get paid to shit and oontz...thank you Steve jobs
  6. 1. Find body on freeway 2. Load body in car 3....... 4. Profit
  7. You must spread some reputation around before giving to reputation to sayword again...
  8. You seriously believe that shit homie? Last time I checked the only way my dick was getting hard was for some pussy... If you even have the ability to stick it in a dude, your gay no questions asked...keep lying to yourself, you can keep believing your not gay because the dudes in the gay porn you watch are straight
  9. Last week a co worker was waiting on a subway platform across the street from my work and some dumb Cunt decides to off himself by jumping infront of the train, sure enough the fuckers head came off and flew back up onto the platform...needless to say my coworker took a few days off work and a bunch of peeps had to find alternate transit cause the subway got shut down. Co sign keeping your suicide clean so that regular people, children etc have to clean up your mess or witness your shittyness fuck off pussy and get a life
  10. Drop subtle hints, call her Alexis and pretend it's an accident
  11. I don't know, id tell my boy the deal just so he is aware that his girlfriend is basically willing to do absolutely anything. I'll tell you right now you could stick it in this bitch any way you want and you wouldn't hear any complaints...just my thought If I were Matt, Id just make sure that every time I finished itd be blasting her face, just like the 1000 other dudes she's banged on film
  12. Can't smash hoes that already trashed themselves
  13. I actually recently just started re-jamming my ex who's a bit of a hoe. I hadn't seen her in 5 months and now she's realising I'm that way better than all the other dudes she's jammed...whats your take on this peeps? Do I remain single and continue to smash, or do I ignore her and once again go back to not getting the smash just because it's the right thing to do?
  14. Dont you mean "matey"? Good luck with the sea sickness dude
  15. No need for subtitles...man loves the LCBO, is getting gibbled, and ends up just dickered
  16. The fact that you don't get it
  17. West of the big smoke, where you at?
  18. I didn't post this video expecting any Americans to acknowledge the true value of this video
  19. For my boys from up north Meet Ray from Rodney
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