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  1. This bish is borderline your doing it wrong
  2. Not really wrong or right...just kinda shitty job
  3. Bobby was no slouch yesterday 41 saves -signedtotallynotacunucksfansodontgetUmadatme
  4. I'm friends with Joe Nieuwendyk's niece and nephew. Joe said the outcome of the GM meetings surrounding the Winnipeg issue already concluded that shall a team fail, it will be moved to Winnipeg. Basically it's a matter of the city of Glendale putting forth the money, but with the pending law suit it looks as though that is not going to happen. Bring back the whiteout! The jets are coming home... And fuck that new logo ish...classic jets logo is and always will be one of the best sports logos ever. P.s. All this yap about players not wanting to play in winnipeg? Who the fuck wants to play in edmonton or Ottawa? Really guys? Some fucking Russian cries and people take it as gospel? Half the dudes in the NHL grew up in bumfuck Manitoba/Saskatchewan Last time I checked there is currently 14 active Russian hockey players in the entire NHL
  5. Hahaha fat ralphy negged me saying "your an idiot, fools do this all the time" hahaha
  6. This guy.... Dude gets a tick on his dick. The very first thing that comes to his head? I better get flicks for oontz
  7. BOSS Few years back it was my birthday and I headed up north with my girl at the time. So the chick and I have spent the whole day banging and drinking, I was younger at the time so sex 8 times in a day is still possible. Anyways were progressively getting more drunk as the day goes on. So it's about 3 in the afternoon and we start banging again and I end up convincing my girl that I wanna try put it in her ass. (I had never tried up this point) she takes some convincing but eventually agrees that if she gets more drunk I can give err a go. We proceed to shoot rye and end up getting rediculously hammered, we go to the bedroom and commence banging a bit more by this point I'm black out drunk. From what I remember I was trying to put it in and it just wasn't happening. Next thing I know, I get woken up my girl runs to the bathroom and commences puking her brains out, I begin to analyze what happened, I'm laying on a matress with no covers or sheets, there is lube and vomit everywhere, the bed is on the opposite side of the room and it was midnight 8 hours had passed. From now on I will forever partially remember the first time I ever tried putting it in a girls ass.
  8. The fact that I'm supposed to believe a dude that's xanied the fuck out is supposed to make me believe you more? Wait a minute! Now I know why you were able to have the beers, it's American beer so they don't count. Second of all, as a dude who is not an alcoholic but has gotten absolutely shittered drunk 3 times within the last week, I'll tell you right now unless you weigh 300lbs or you were an alcoholic, your lying or didn't realize that half the drinks you bought you gave to ugly hoes. Ya I've drank 17 drinks in a night, but I ended up laying in a garden puking on myself. Alice Cooper used to take down a 40 of vodka every day. It's believable but not from a dude who doesn't drink. And not in the allotted amount of time your describing. UmAd?
  9. You Clearly do not drink often considering you still feel the need to exagerate how much booze you consume. I guarantee 100% that you did not drink 17+ drinks at one stop at the bar...
  10. I'd make the old bitches take showers than bust a nut in each of their post menopausal vag's
  11. Looks like shed eat it after too
  12. The nucks are choking hard, but will scrape a win out... You can't pull Lou yet, it's two bad games with a guy that your franchise has invested everything into. You pull bobby now, consider his career as a starter over. Montreal Boston is the best series to watch
  13. Re: Genital Herpes....bummer Just give it to some girl and it's gone. Problem solved. That's how it works right? Right?
  14. Last game in Phoenix, bringing the boys back home....
  15. This booty appreciation thread...deserves it's own appreciation thread. Thank you based god and lord sheen.
  16. No one in the west can compete with van, they are the real fucking deal this year. Detroit is the only team that will challenge them, but van is too quick, too deep and too tough to be stopped by the old vets...don't get me wrong, Detroit is good but when you've got the twins shelling Howard, they will collapse. Van is going to sweep the hawks and come out healthy and ready to face Nashville? Another take out...the stars have aligned for van this year. Barring a complete San Jose esque choke, vans going to the show. Just my take from a non Vancouver fan Also the b's and Habs is going 7
  17. Why do I feel like mass already smashed
  18. Twister was an illegal maneuver for a long time. My brother grappled Eddie at the Abu dabi championships in his second year of jui jitsui and Eddie tried to do the twister on him...he ended up getting mad chirps cause he couldn't tap my bro even though my bro had just got into the game. Showdown Joe then dubbed my brother with his nickname Shaun "the phenom" Ya ya cool story bro whatever I thought it's a decent story
  19. If that's how your write English, then this is going to be easy.
  20. Lmao at all the dudes thinking the sharks are actually not going to choke
  21. If that chick rode my my dick would be bruised for days... Smash
  22. Akrisone

    For teh gush.

    Re: Fruit Gushers Review I'm still trying to understand the relevance of DAO and why this guy has become a Legend around here. As a late arrival to this place, I've gathered that DAO was a member with a mug shot that recieved extensive Photoshops however aside from that, the original precedence behind the photoshopping or what caused it to begin.
  23. You must spread some reputation around before giving it to RIPS again On point homie hahaha
  24. If my wife looked like that at 45...I could die a happy man
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