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  1. Dude, what about the teen boy gay sex?
  2. Haha I deserved that Homie call out. My suggestion is to not write posts over the span of half an hour because attempting to continue your train of thought 5 times over a period of a half hour makes you sound like an idiot. I'd neg myself if I could, continue on...
  3. Why would I lie. Im actually pathetic it's with my ex gf who in getting back together with because I can't get it otherwise...I feel for the 20 year old homie, I never got laid till I was 20. Trust me just give it time homie, one will come along eventually, then you'll get your swag and have no problem getting it. I have a close homie who just got laid for the first time at 23
  4. 1... But I got laid 5 times today If that's any consolation for my non-awesomeness
  5. Massgraff I'd go pick up questionable girls with him
  6. Now I just need the b's to win... I called van city and the bees in march! SAN JOKESE SHARKS. What did you think would happen when you play Danny Heately and Joke Thornton...world class choke artists...they even brought him over from Ottawa Well done vancouver...as much as your my 2nd least favourite Canadian team, I hope you win and bring the cup back to Canada
  7. Akrisone


    ^he mad Like most Australian things...it was originally a shitty British idea that the Australians bit and then tried to brag about it being their own.
  8. Sorry for the delay gents...but yes it is on spankwire for the world's viewing pleasure
  9. I beat off to this vid...you Sir are negged And props to Massgraff for bringing the mass of smash but not doing it wrong.
  10. Slim Jims and HGH will cause heart attacks
  11. No one talking about the jets!?
  12. http://www.theprovince.com/mobile/iphone/story.html?id=4813072 YAAAAA JETTTTSSSSSSS
  13. ^I don't see why that's so bad? It's actually pretty well done
  14. X3 trash X2 smash X3 trash
  15. Mass did you smash that one, or you still trying to keep us guessing which is one you've smashed and which is one youve wished to smash/trash Ill give props if you smashed the last one...
  16. Haha trying to talk shit about lidstrom is like an American trying to talk shit about the rest o'd the world, it's just laughable... I'm not even a Detroit fan at all but talking shit about one of or possibly the best d man of all time is just retarded
  17. Lay some droplets where you frequently see them, in no time you will have a trail of ants collecting the shit and bringing it home...within a couple days, they be dead
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