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  1. . I thought it was something I was doing wrong. Thanks
  2. Let’s get this thing going again
  3. ...pardon the shit quality.
  4. I don’t know why some of these are coming out upside down when I post but whatever.
  5. Man what happened to this thread? I came by the other day for the first time in a long while and it looks like it’s been dead for quite some time. Somebody needs to pump some life back into this bitch. It’s not much but here y’all go..
  6. damn it feels good to be back in the D. good to see livernois smashed out on my way to work everyday. aint been to the eastside in a minute but the west side and south west is tore the fuck up. thats whats up.
  7. drinking a corona taking a break from craigslist. trying to get into this whole craigslist hustle on the side of my regular job. listening to music and obviously on 12 oz. wondering where everyone went..
  8. false. but probably should. tpbm is unemployed.
  9. haaa. dog noone is jealous of ann arbor. ive lived in both places homie. what side of ann arbor do the real g's stay on bro? ann arbor is the softest city i have ever lived in. PERIOD. it does not get any softer than ann arbor for real. on the graff tip i can think of one or two well respected writers to come out of ann arbor who made a name for themselves in DETROIT. ann arbor is what it is. a small college city. it is the complete opposite of detroit. dont even try and compare the two.
  10. went back to the hood for the first time in a year the other day. streets are SMASHED.
  11. man that black tead is straight FIRE. in my opinion tead is not only one of the best writers to come out of the D, but one of the best out right now PERIOD!
  12. whats funny is that they police in Peru are going to try to extort the shit out of him and his family. this could go one of two ways. he or his family could basically pay for his freedom (very possible in Peru). or he could end up in a Peruvian jail where he will get his food and his asshole taken on a daily basis. from what i hear, theres a lot more rape and homosexual shit going on in the Peruvian prisons. :lol:
  13. and damn everyday i see new paid spots. im sorry but this nigga is UP. usually we dont use the term all city here in the d but damnnnnnn. that boy is straight up ALL CITY.
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