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  1. idk which one of you greensboro cowards dissed this week with scribbles in my street fill but smart move pussy next time grow some motherfucking balls and put your name so i can take out everything youve ever done in one night
  2. Baby gangster hahaha Get a life!!! Ain't ready for beef that's even funnier. I fucking love the shit! Plus why u being a dick rider is your boyfriend not home? I'm ready for beef with anyone who calls me a bitch for no reason so let's do it
  3. :lol: :lol: :huh: such a tough guy :D how u doing that when u on this bitch everyday son!!! GSAD
  4. boooooooooooooooooooooooring!!!where the fucking brickslaying at? metalheads is what frieght photos are for!
  5. Ores I told you the dude was sketchy from the break so no suprise to me
  6. shut the fuck up loser^
  7. I see felon and jase lurkin in the background sick
  8. bender&bender law firm berdmane or binder&binder idk how to spell it
  9. can i flik all the hollows ive did and post them too!!!!!!! fuk outta here
  10. aero spot not retarded at all!
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