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Everything posted by descent

  1. that kwest is money suap and stae
  2. hahaha. you too, that little artsy throw is bunk! bump that tranist sys though, texas all the fucking way
  3. that dissed tars is wackness to the fullest what up enzo and deano!
  4. protecting todays parishables for tomorrow
  5. that charles manson piece is dope! lose that h on those new throws, its not working
  6. saigon and enyhs should have steered clear from that aok rack coming with some boo boo shit like that. on the other hand, always been a fan of afues work.
  7. look for him on the frieghts;)
  8. Re: Don't Call it Frisco that chew throw is cool.
  9. on some heavy shit. bump bump
  10. dope post fucker host and jedi that six and bonus light shit up onorox and this mofo right here
  11. destn! oger samo fatso natrl hesk! nice fooking post hombre!
  12. that gamble was pretty dope thanks for the time, i guess i need to paint more. fuck shit!
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