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Everything posted by descent

  1. that bonus six sshtuff is funks. dope dope
  2. that lost soo line is butter! soviet!
  3. damn nice photos man the following flicks were pretty much the illest: resto vizie kwest diar
  4. that icecicle car is fooking dope!
  5. that savior is dope im assuming you caught that here. $5 dollars is pretty cheap.
  6. Re: Don't Call it Frisco gotta get up there
  7. a monster in texas, bump!
  8. even paint shop mamon
  9. ill addage. that rio grande is dope, wish i was there first. next time though, next time
  10. finally some decent fucking pieces on a rsvc car. deep south for sure, i have a feeling those boxes are tx bound.
  11. bunch uh weak shit on panels. boooooooo!
  12. "suicidal SUNDAY POST #04-29-07 - Today, 04:20 PM " post and cipe. daze serk bump!
  13. never knew this thread existed...goods all up in this bitch YL!!! that MOM car by resek and pquiz is too dope, caught it myself. ectoe rtype element cars 1252 motherfucking cloydtron!
  14. that ibt whip is dooope! bump the 1252
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