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Everything posted by descent

  1. vear and gush, looking cool guys
  2. cool fire and zombi roof. puke hiksa
  3. bacon colt45 erupto dime easoe resto bump bump
  4. prae mfone nekst stacker giar
  5. dego omens resto! grifter japan
  6. sigh big tre enue that buffed lyfer, cause you know that shit was hot
  7. descent


    i like that broad in that flick. forget the kuma tag, the fucking broad looks like she puts out
  8. hd heads ripe destn and that busty babe, damn shes beautiful
  9. cool oaph fill, and remy keep that shit up
  10. ill postage oer duo sigh remix honke aser mense tars owl spek bump bump
  11. damn nice addage, that last sonet is fucking smooth, samo, awake, oaph FREIGHTS damn myth's vts. i got something then
  12. descent


    damn that kuma freightage is off the chain. stay gold pony boy
  13. poser! wyse size21 scar paser deas! snafu
  14. descent


    flow with it you bad motherfucker!
  15. Re: my Ouija board scares me... jacked
  16. bump bump. he signs remio on his checks.ha
  17. good batch regal/huger/tre/aest/sigh/hour/ouija
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