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Everything posted by descent

  1. hd fellas beks with the cool fill. bump bump
  2. something to add to that laws stuff, jacked
  3. ill post dude elk estem duo suph atak scar sinek phrite The boys in blue seaz froster yes sir
  4. Re: Lost And Worthless Souls yall are scary
  5. Re: my Ouija board scares me... bump up it up cool addage. is that a gt hopper?
  6. somber good stuff that timber and paser is cool
  7. cause it'll get buffed, like it did. im not saying its a g spot. bump to that.
  8. Re: Don't Call it Frisco that norm and hense spot is fucking sweet
  9. that tead and comp tropi is a good one
  10. that cafe hilton spot is sketchy, shoulda did a solid fill.
  11. had to throw these bad boys in the mix. by the way ill flickr dude
  12. damn that biter is dope. that gvs lewis and jerms es good
  13. ill post guy. destn erok sigh isto spek vine cafe UTI hense! gouls worm dacks omens abno! stem cell research!
  14. all the freightage added is some nice
  15. nice post guy, saint did play a hell of a game. mpower kuma slerm cafe wake frost enuf
  16. "metal up yer ass" old metallica kicks you in yer ass bitch
  17. good stuff myth. kapootie!
  18. cable that phrite by pore is kicking, rip oger rael
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