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  1. that right pbj up in here we dont paint so we have no flicks but look at us grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! were so cool
  2. homeboys gray, egg and money have detroit on smash bump!
  3. yall fools are weak! just cause you cant hang you try to come on the internet and talk some wack ass shit that everyone know aint true so it give it up all you are doing is proving how bad u are one heks dick! he is up harder in other citys/states than a lot of you fools are in your own city! and as always even though we know who you same little group of poeple that try to hate on him always are as always you hide behing some screen name on the internet , but bottom line is talk is just that talk, actions speak louder than words, so lets go on five different screen namses and try to downtalk him because were so jealouse. yall folls are hilarouse get off the net and get in thre streets like the rest of bak, or atleast learn the cleveland is not lorain on the west side and euclid one the east there is an intire city virtually unpainted by anyone except nervs ceps days prae mak digit and yer best friend hek. atleast these folls do paint CLEVELAND, unlike you dumbass only thing you contribute to the scene is ur weak interent shit talk attempts on the real writers that actually get down but i guess when a bunch of retards move to cleveland and are to scared to get out of there cars in any of the naighberhoods to actually paint it or even to get up in the safer neighberhoods for that matter the results are jsut this pointless babble on the internet and im not talking about just hek im just saying how clueless u fools are to the CLEVELAND graff scene and what really goes down. do ur thing everyone from begginers to old school, just get out and paint thats what graff is about not talking on the internet that does not constitute u as a writer but thats just why none of you will ever develop into one! but enought talk will see you fools in the streets or atleast the real men will the rest of you we will see on here peace
  4. its funny how "internet" is from cleveland but trys to say he lives in detroit just so he can try to talk somebullshit jealouse ass toys make me laugh, get real son
  5. i told you he fucking sucked, dudes such a joke needs to learn letters before he even try that horrible attempt at wildstyle if thats what u want to call it?
  6. theres like ten different webs and the ohio ha ha is the worst one
  7. :-) http://ecolorpostcards.com/winner.html why cant people just post flicks withoug whining about sutch petty bullshit ruining our ohio thread................................. this goes to eveyone! from every crew including my own, and dayton i dont think anyone outside of ohoi has ever even heard of it, i dont thinks its on maps like literally let alone the so called graff map, dayton is just funny cleveland is were its at if you live in ohio or have ever been here you would know that everywere else is a bunch of fricken fields with tiny bumfuck citys and people think they are writers cause they king silly little subarbs that have no scene of exsistance on the map if you want to even attempt to be a real writer step one move to thieveland otherwise shut ur dumn internet graff trendy silly little ass up cause no one wants to here it
  8. have you ever once heard of ba.k. starting shit or coming on here talking shit? the answer is no other people have tryd to fuck with the crew then got there shit taking out other people come one here talking shit about the crew and all they try to do is clear there name, no one from the crew ever goes on here talkin shit or hating on people but there is some of you who always wanna kick up dust for some stupid reason then as always never say who they are just hide behind abc or cba screen name, but enough of this stupid little girly gossip go change ur tampons and post some flicks and all that bak shit is way way old so obvously they dont come on here posting all there shit or you just dont live in cleveland because you would see far more recent things all over the streets no more chit chat just flicks
  9. do u think if u whined to the nba that you have been playing basketball for 10 years that they gonna give ya a contract?ha ha if you painted for ever and you still suck, then its just that YOU STILL SUCK! and the best thing you got to say about yourself is u painted for x amount of years then thats pretty damn pathetic, just like how crow is twice heks size but he wont even look him in the eye thats fuckin weak! ya fools need to step off you guys paint trains and think ur johney dangerouse, just becasue B.AK. is in the streets always putting in work and they dont need to sit on the internet and try to front like the rest of you. so as regularly said to weak internet b.s. talkers RECOGNIZE REAL! to the up in comers c.a.s. or whomever do ur thing, dont worry about these fools they just hate because in one year from now when ur burning them the only thing they can say is they painted for x years. well who the x cares do ur thing thieveland! people that are secure with themselves and there crew dont need to hate so check youselfs next time before u try to ruin are thread with your little whining peace and much love to all (yes even you fake as haters that just give me fuel for my fire) 216ism\ waste-5\ Braindamged Alcohalic Kriminals
  10. reptile vs sub zero just sucks off pbj on here never post flicks and talks shit about everyone else this fool?????
  11. that pool would be dope to skate in
  12. all these little kids need to stop posting this shit thats is making the scene look wack, not hating just wait untill you get a little better or post in a diff section
  13. yeah go tell that to all the people that one that night and see what happens
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