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  1. Freedom : State of mind brought to you by the fine folks of the G.O.P a.k.a goverment of pussies.
  2. Chunk is Awstin Texas baby SXSW beside being in San Anto. Texas tour i guess
  3. That Chunk on east 5th is off the chart bomb with 7 different colors.
  4. Some many toys amongst kings anyone made the list. I feel left out :C
  5. Cleas and Kitts CeTeSes Long time champs of this gas station wall....
  6. Man this tread is not what it used to be, where is HD, NBK, LC,CeTeSE,RTL,MF????
  7. My boy Wittss and Phill is whats up!!!DMK
  8. That erie cmw is a piece of shit. When you mentioned the real erie i thought it would be some dope shit but its wack just like your comment...
  9. Big Witss DoingMetalKillzz
  10. We are gonna have to remember to not let faggs like you in Tejas.;)
  11. Perfect Pic for this page number 666 God and his evil things to do ahahahaha.
  12. I got mine already son, it's a Kodak with pigs nose vision.
  13. Where is that Norm at? I assume in Asia but could be wrong.
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