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  1. idk but that shits wack haha. musto and kinks bump.
  2. Kink Must Durag OBC Horse Cnue Torch Hoax Phers Merk the rest of st.louis should kill themselfs.
  3. i left some porno mags at a "site" one time...i never saw the dude. hes prob long gone by now...
  4. i saw a line roll through last week that had at least 4 kinks, all dated from 01-06? haha keep it up kink gnasty. this thread should be changed to metal heads....
  5. that A is like science...fuckin perfect.
  6. bump the fuck outta jigl damnnnn.
  7. before you do give me your camera and ill make use of it and bench some trains you fuckin bum hahah:lol:
  8. old ass freight...for me years a long time:lol:
  9. fukcin bump the posts. puzler thrwoin up the shocker hahah. is that an unfinished guer over the veks?
  10. amos with the chiefin gook haha. anyone got flicks of that old dmv spongebob character shit? that was fresh. bump the ORIGINAL T2.
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