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  1. He was a cunt. Fuck him.
  2. I'd like to get a tattoo from that dood, and then trry to pay him in spices and sea shells.
  3. I would bet my house that Dave Navaro tastes penises on a regular basis.
  4. I have 2 pairs of For Lifes, and i just ordered 2 more. Best boots ever.
  5. PETA ads don't make me want to avoid meat. They make me want to avoid PETA ads.
  6. I at one of those Fiber One 90 Calorie brownies ( ok i had 3) I had to shit urgently, that shit was like a snake made of peanut butter.
  7. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? Overrated : Tupac Underrated: EPMD YOU GOT TO CHILLCHILLCHILLCHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  8. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? i wouldn't like a tattoo of a wizard as much as i'd like to BE a fuckin wizard. not a toy-ass harry potter fag wizard either, like a bad ass 8 foot tall gandolf motherfucker.
  9. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? ^^^ best screen name since teen014.jpeg?
  10. I wear these out of the house more often than not. I even bought gellin insoles for my house shoes last summer.
  11. ya i dont put any jeans in the dryer. These are raw. I can easily wear em for a while, i dont mind the stiffness, i think my only concern is that I ordered larger, as per instructions, and theyre fuckin huge. i think I just gotta sack up and wear em daily for a solid month and take it from there. someone told me that before i spend money on nice denim, to buy a pair of levi's STF in order to see/feel/experience how real denim wears, breaks in, and develops.
  12. Thanks folks. Im not worried about length, i always rock big countryboy cuffs, so i but em long. I'll keep ya updated.
  13. I know it isn't "high end" denim, but.... I picked up my first pair of Levi's Shrink to Fit 501's What's best to do? Soak and wear 'em dry? Or never washthem, and febreeze/ hang on clothesline. Thus is a rookie question, i know... They're fuckin Way too big and could use a shrink, But i dont want to lose the raw/rigid coloring right away.
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