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Everything posted by jazzy42985

  1. always coming through with a dope post
  2. hell yeah im in this one good looking out !!!!!dope post!!
  3. lots of dope shit good bench
  4. yo man dope post and thanks 4 spotting my freight i didnt have my pic.....good looking out!!!
  5. ur always coming through with a sick post thanks 4 shareing ..........bump that 2ler!
  6. good post hopefully there is another post soon!!!
  7. hell yeah! thanks 4 sharing good post
  8. nise fucking post!!! where were these benched? FREE BISKO!!!
  9. dope update keep this thread going!!
  10. bad asssss update!!! thanks 4 the flick!!!!
  11. dope post that sucks about ur computer though!
  12. good looking out "ohefdubs" i didnt have a pic of that freight thanks !!!!!!!!!!
  13. dang!!!! dope post keep it going!! nise,sevy,oneks x2,sol... good looking out bro!!!!!
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