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  1. I like that Skag guy. He's got this amazing charm about him that he carries with an air of sophistication.
  2. Good. Have some negative props. And nice attempt at taking back what you said. Loser.
  3. Paint doesn't stain. And no one likes you.
  4. Yeah, I think its called "graffiti".
  6. Oh and android, bumb your streak idea I'll be doing that.
  7. Fuck you cunt. You lost any credibility you had by posting up your stupid misinformed ideas on ink and especially by posting your toy shit. So fuck off spastic.
  8. Jesus, Ch0 has more drama than the Young and the Restless. Do tell though, cos' when it comes done to it everyone here is a whiny little school girl hungry for gossip.
  9. I hope that wasn't your shit you posted (pics) cos it didn't prove you're point. And, totse is just a site for old CdC txt files and extremely outdated phone phreaking and hacking txt files. And from what I've heard grog comes off as easily as pilot ink.
  10. Cutting the ears and tail off a pittbull is a real horrible thing to do. And makes them look like fucking retards. Also, their nubby tails scare me. Fuckin' weird.
  11. Skag


    Yup. Bananas are pretty decent.
  12. Nothing too horrible, just made cops chase me across a motorway.
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