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Everything posted by nsworker

  1. needs more people that are addicted 2 metal
  2. taking car parts.......did u pay attention to the title of this thread?
  3. I thought he was mispelling grits
  4. what?? bomb?? ILL SHIT NIGGAAAA!!!!
  5. that ham is not in the power and light district
  6. ^i dont think going back to doing little peices would be a good idea^
  7. it would make me feel cool! shit, i wish i could have done it...
  8. i like the opening scene!
  9. be on the lookout for my new metalheads thread droppin late winter of 2010
  10. What did the tetris car have to do with a cold train? You All see what we r talking about now right?
  11. the trede and years is understandable though, im sure they have no problem with that
  12. thats a good screen name for you
  13. mech and dekor comin correct
  14. mws on 71 in kays-see anyone? pos 'em
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