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  1. IMG]http://i437.photobucket.com/albums/qq99/fredsavage123/98df4a45.jpg[/img]
  2. lol,, whats that phone number?
  3. Pherz ain't no joke, wish I had that kind of patience.
  4. it was renovated not torn down , sace did a mayhem block letter
  5. Someone post the sace and mpulses if they got em!
  6. Kansas city Missouri , early 2000's if I'm not mistaken
  7. Ok moving on , let deroks balls out of your mouth and post something done during the snow storm, or did nobody go out?
  8. bump everything on this page, that phers phem stun wall is still running too
  9. i wanna see ethugs fill-ins....
  10. kc has way better gang graffiti than that
  11. Bump graffiti cafe !! Got flicks from the roof?
  12. put up or shut up! lol, making a point about people holding down their names and their throws while and calling someone "sgay" is two different things. and they do hold down their names.
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