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  1. ^^^aaammmmaaazzzziiinnngggg^^^!!!!
  2. i think its time for lowlifedrunks's input
  3. I like turtles, (that's old now isn't it)
  4. Too much self promo kids, cmon now how long has this been frowned upon??
  5. Look at da white gul wit all dem light skinneded chillun
  6. always been one of my favorite crews, bump
  7. EL DEETROIT! < dont steal that and write it before i get there..
  8. Jigl whole car is clean!
  9. chip was a hard motherfucka, u guys give outtatowners a little too much recognition though, kc has the same problem, chip lived there too for a short while and went hard, but i wouldnt consider him "kc history"
  10. from dc to rome italy, ex bulgarian gymnast ,current makeup artist from LA, sexy ass accent and she slept with one leg extended almost above the window :)
  11. Bump old school quality
  12. bump the KC KID!! That thread had me rollin
  13. what magazine is that?
  14. we load em up on sight with the fords
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