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  1. Re: American WholeCar thread... damn i wanna see a flick with the door closed of that oringe wholecar holy shit it looks amazing
  2. :rolleyes: wow thats fuckin horrible this dudes done more for the graff scene then 99% of the people out there he sure influenced me i hope the best for him and his family i hope to see alot of shit in his honor and does anyone from dtc have the last shit he painted that would be good to see i havnt seen any 08 shit personally but if i do ill be sure to get a flick ill be posted the bucket load of flicks soon i really hope he pulls through good luck be strong
  3. damn strait and everytime u paint a train u gotta now in the back of your head its gonna get gotted thats just the way it is unless im cool with u or respect u and the number one rule should be if u cant burn it down fuck with it :D :D
  4. im glad kerse just has a yard full of wisconsin flats tight...kwest all day
  5. your messin with the og bobby light
  6. ya it sucks but the penis gets up
  7. if it wasnt for that when and that arys all hope would of been lost
  8. lucky bastards they get alot of dope cars
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