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  1. the replacements starting this summer?
  2. the female caps you can buy arent that great.......im not sure bout the troutartsupply though.
  3. this spot was tight had some real good pieces inside...
  4. yeah stoked 2 c ya guys are killin it with some good graff !!!!
  5. almost looks like someone just did that wwl 4 him..????
  6. labor day....one last holladay b4 summerz over do it big
  7. theese doodz paint some trucks love that rollin graff...
  8. some real fresh colors i got at artprimo.....smash ink doin it real good!!!
  9. some good freeway shots poppin up props to that shit....keep paintin all!!! props for anyone gettin the fuck up off the couch an paintin!!!!
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