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  1. My nigga Cred! colorful joint!
  2. Peace Love Unity by Ven Scrap Yard Action! 1990
  3. Snoopy gets high on the CC Line with Quik and Sach.
  4. WOW! I never seen that Bio Sponge Bgee before. That made my day.
  5. I was talking about subway photos in general. cool photo for sure.
  6. its all good but some cats don't realize what we went through to get these flicks. i can't do nothing about it but i can say im the man who took some of those photos. thats what i get for blessing many writers with photos. lol
  7. El Credito! Steel Wheels iz always on point! Atl!
  8. Bind, PYKE by Lace357, and Stash2 1987 scrap yard action. great line up.
  9. the lexington #5 line lasted 9 years with graffiti after Lee's message. almost a decade!
  10. awesome photo's. i love cryo's!
  11. the photo of seen in baychester is a Cavster photo.
  12. i feel like im dreaming to see a Sak and Shame on a freight train. Sak MBT king of the 1 Line in 1985-86. He also made a huge impact on the 2's anf 5 line. Shame125 aka Much107 Top of All (TOA) first time i seen him up was on the 6 line back in 1983. this was the first time i benched the 6 line. i caught flicks of the brim and shame and shame wrote "paint frozen". Shame also killed the 2's, 5's aswell as the 4 line between the years of 1983 to 1985. if your interested in seeing some of there work from that time period please pick up a copy of "From the Platform subway graffiti 1983-1989........ you can pre-order it at Amazon.com Thank you and your welcome. lol
  13. nice Train MI:ONE and nice drawings aswell.
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