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Everything posted by Kibe2

  1. ^^^Bahahahah yeah it is
  2. what the fuck man that video was fuckin creepy
  3. Kibe2

    benchin in nc

    win spre isto scupe snob tyme
  4. thats my favorite stoe Ive seen in a while. Bump
  5. I wanna see that in real life! That looks nuts!
  6. Bump Risk notebook sessons....Id like to see more of that
  7. Damn I haven't seen a gheto piece in years
  8. Im loving those HUGE syko throws
  9. nice post as usual. What the fuck bird is that??
  10. anyone else see that risk 9 in the Biggie movie? Shit had me buggin
  11. anyone got a flick of that new nero piece?
  12. good to see Dayz gettin up. Got that line on lock, keep it up
  13. That spot isnt that dark at night....
  14. Ya know thats actually pretty cool
  15. I think dudes breakin down dope hands/throws/pieces is what SHOULD happen on this site. Bump Syko Spec and all the rest of the dudes who rockin spfld
  16. Im pretty sure I saw Rick James and the Funky Bunch do that wall in 78
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