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  1. little help??...who did this? some IZ stuff there i never saw,- always an inspiration.
  2. huh, i was guessing the regal was done by someone else,- shows what i know. good lookin. ..anyways here's some photos i found on an awesome railfan site. the last one has a vinny piece on it,,and i dont know who else, a nice t2b though- feel free to fill me in. the second to last one i have no clue,
  3. this is love..... shit, i was trying to re-post the don/sent with the mta logo in it,, anyways its real good ....huh, computers are hard
  4. Re: NYC Subways - the good stuff this one is real crucial, not sure if i ever seen it- ..actually i must've,, its in the dondi book...??
  5. Fresh!, never seent that one
  6. deen that is a stellar flick, basically thats hard for just about any writer to top....sick realness!!!!
  7. (lowkey): fruit flavored blunts wit your trees is a joke. quit that
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