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  1. Good look on the Binho pic, I painted with him while I was there both times. Sao Paulo is a incredible city. :eek:
  2. Yo the bombing in this city is intense, does the city ever buff anything? Im suprised there are no Binho pics in this thread. But I will post his fotolog site http://www.fotolog.com/binhone
  3. Whoa, no wonder you were always dropping your caps on purpose. I knew there was something fishy about you Mr Satan.
  4. Who knew Ges is from Brasil!!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/gesoneee
  5. I didnt know Ges was from Brazil heheh. http://www.youtube.com/user/gesoneee
  6. Bump Koln, I love this city. Do you have pics from the hall of fame I did one piece there last year I will post later. Tchuss
  7. LMAO(laughing my ass off) bro you ever thought about standup. Holla at me son
  8. Bump FLY ID crew definately one of the best threads.
  9. Maybe the quanity might be less but the quality is still top notch but have you ever thought about the fact they might have a life or other priorities outside of graffitti.
  10. Good looking on the Integrity video HAL, does anyone remember the last Integrity show at the Tune Inn in like 96 or 97. I think 25 Ta Life,Stigmata,Times Expired, and some other bands played I wasnt there but I heard it was off the hook. HAL when you coming back to RI
  11. Re: CURRENT GRAFF MAGS AROUND THE WORLD!!! The new Catch Me If You Can # 4 is off the hook. Great magazine from the southwest but with Global Photos, this issue has alot of the stuff from last year's MOS, alot of west coast, alot of good productions.Even has a fold out poster. Definately copp this. http://www.catchmeifyoucanmagazine.com
  12. Whatever happened to 23 and CZK crew from Charlotte? Go Patriots hehehe
  13. Frankfurt 2007 Koln 2007 Ich liebe Deutchland fur Graffiti,FKK, und Modern Talking. Jah Big ups to Germany definately a cool place
  14. Are there any good legal or non legal safe walls to do some burners. I used to live down there a while back and only had one spot to piece at. Found other bridges but nothing to really rock burners on. Love me some Bojangles. Is Club Champagne still open in Charlotte. Holla at me in public or pm. Peace
  15. TDot, what cant be said about this city. Hot girls, ill nightlife, smut game is official.Banging graffiti,alot of different restaraunts from countries you might not catch that easy in the states.The only drawbacks is the high sales tax that we arent used to in the states.This is definately one of my favorite cities in North America. Holla at cha boy
  16. Nice piece playa wheres my shout out!!!!!!!!!!
  17. 1st day of the new year. Big ups to my nigga Esac ya heard...
  18. Yo how does this guy make it hot in the winter? Another good one playa. Wheres my shout out.
  19. To even question if this is a bite is utterly obsurd or straight up stupid the only that is similar is the letters in their name not the style. Ges has been in the game and gettin fame before the internet this guy looks like he just started............
  20. Re: UPS CREW '93 TIL INFINITY' yo bump the RATH and the rest of the UPSquad. Yo playa holla at cha boy
  21. Yo dogg your piece looks good but not as good as a 8 piece at Popeye's holla its on me.......
  22. Aight I see you bringing the fill game back. Nice stuff bro
  23. Re: the F R A N K F U R T G E R M A N Y - S U P E R T H R E A D I know alot of cats is down for the street and train action when out im Germany but I rather just rock a ill piece and catch some tags here and there, so is there a Hall of Fame in Frankfurt anywhere or just a safe place to paint in general, Im down to do it all but definately prefer piecing. So if you can hit me up with some info it that would be straight.
  24. Re: the F R A N K F U R T G E R M A N Y - S U P E R T H R E A D Yo Frankfurt is the shit, I heard there is a area near to Autobanhoff that is legal to paint some kid at Empire store told me but I couldnt find it last year. Does anyone know if there is a legitamate spot near there or anywhere in Frankfurt that is legal to paint. I will be there in May.
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