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  1. here is a link to a store that sells Montana (spain) paint. Its expensive like 10 dollars US. http://www.stilldiggin.com one. You have to take a train to Shibuya station and walk across the street, if you see a large wall with some real artsy graffiti then you are nearby.real easy to get to as well and there are plenty of cool stores. Even a Tower Records nearby they sell some Japanese graff mags
  2. this spot defines " 15 minutes of fame" or less.
  3. so when can I see a whole wheat paste production dont forget the stencil artist for the characters hahahhahha
  4. the pink ironlak caps are awesome but they can clog fast and the stem can break real easy. Good for 1 time use unless you take really good care of them. But for the best cap get the Original NY Thin* *those who been in the game for a decade or more know about this.
  5. Does anyone know of any other graff shops besides the All City store in Paris. And what about some hall of fame spots or just legal walls. Will be there soon Holla
  6. anyone got info on shops in London and Paris Holla
  7. if you want the most thinnest laser like lines then you might as well get a stencil cap.
  8. Good looking on the post pages back mang, the one I posted is my flick from that day. Keep the ol school flicks coming...........
  9. That smiley face will be on yours when you see the results. The post does look like a well versed joke but in reality this cap isnt.
  10. NY THIN yo I really never read this thread before in all my time on 12 oz but I figure I would share the wealth will everyone on here for a price of course. Here is what I have. I have the original NY Thin tips that will drastically reduce alot of unneccesary line work while piecing. If you are from the Northeast and been writing since the early to mid 90's then you know what Im talking about. I first started using this cap 13 or so years ago on Krylon and worked great especially on " Banner Red". After a while as you all know Krylon got wack and we started getting the imported paints. I tried this in Montana Spain and Ironlak and it works straight. But if you want them thin laser crisp lines like Ges or Kem5( just to throw some names out) then look no more they have arrived. All you need is 1 and take care of it real good after painting and you are gold.This cap is for technical style writers but it can help anyone. Price is $10 for 1 cap and $2 for shipping and handling No Bullshit. Below are a couple of FAQ's Q- is this the cap that I heard about but never seen? A- yes it is Q- its $10 dollars and $2 for shipping and handling thats alot of money, why should I fork over hard earned or stolen money? A-yes $12 bones is alot of 1 cap, hell Im one of the cheapest niggas around and I even bark at that price. But look at all the unneccesary work reduction this cap will give. For all you aspiring tech and detail oriented writers this is a must. Anyways niggas be dropping $10 dollars or more for brew and stoges or some other non sense. Q-is this a muthafucking joke? A-No this is for real son Q- when will it ship? A- once I get the funds via paypal I will ship out next business day and depending what part of the US you are in it could take 2-4 days standard mail Q- I have to ask more questions A- whats left to explain but if you are stupid,high,or just one retarded ass nigga that no one hung around with just PM me and I will clarify it all DISCLAIMER- this cap will not make you into a overnight sensation, get laid, or get more fame.
  11. No sarcasm. The cap that Kem5 uses is availible for sale at $10 dollars per cap. You only need one and take care of it. Trust me its well worth the investment. This cap is only as good as its controller and no longer availble and any retail shops or online. Like I said PM for details and read the disclaimer. Holla
  12. If you want the same laser lines like Kem5 you can purchase this tool for $10 dollars a cap, yes $10 per cap and that is not a type error. There are no more than 5 confirmed people in the world with this tool. PM me for details * disclaimer- this cap will not make you into a overnight star in the graff world.
  13. to much fire on this thread. much props
  14. This dude was a serious inspiration to me and when I got to see the old pieces he still had running at the Basel HOF I was like god damm... REST IN PEACE DARE...........
  15. Yo im sure you are a young cat probably filled with alot of angst and what not. These are straight facts in which why RI doesnt have its own thread. If none of the above mentioned reasons existed we would still have one. I think like 2 kids got caught off the RI thread for LOOSE LIPS,and the shit was on the news as well.To many people talking real loud for such a small state. Last reply REAL TALK YA DIGG
  16. Some reasons here why RI doesnt have there own thread. Feel free to add some loose lips toys bullshit internet thugging cops
  17. yo G, this picture is what makes everyone in the world hate us. Unlimited trips to the BUFFET where EMPOWERMENT is taken to a whole nother level. Being here is like CLOUD 9 to drug users.......
  18. Rusto- is good for filling in and other things, they dont offer a wide array of colors for the homo graff flag-no homo of course, it does offer more overspray than others. For me personally Rusto is good for bombing,throw ups, straight letters, or massive amounts of coverage, I dont recall using this paint for anything really detailed. But if you that nasty with the can, they any brand will do........ Krylon- this was the paint choice for everyone back in the day along with the limited choices to be had, but the stuff that they produce now is straight garbage, more water than pigment. You wonder why most pieces are all foreign paint and we have a sinking economy. I still dont understand why the big paint companies here never made any "craft" paint and disguised it under another name for "art use". Hell go to any hardware section of any store and the racks are full of krylon. I still have cans from over 10-15 years ago that I use time to time in my pieces and they work fine. Blubber/Plutonium G- I personally have never used these paints, I've seen Blubber in use by others right when it first came out and it wasnt working correctly, not sure if its the financial backing that prevented Blubber from blowing up but its not even mentioned in the top 5 of paints currently being used by writers in North America. Plutonium G , I've went on there website but no one here where I live sells it plus my lack of interest has kept me from pursueing it. Overview- my man ivanputski once told me how everyone started saying things about him using euro paint and he wasnt keeping it real, but now its those same heads asking where can I get some. You as the consumer have the choice on which brand to use but if you look at the prices of American paint vs Foreign paint, the US brands arent that far off so why not go with a better product. Even though we got all this new and fancy paint and more access to graff products, one thing will always remain the same. You still need SKILLS to rock some hot shit, no amount of fancy paint can hide any inexperience. Just my 2 Euro cents ooops I mean 2 cents USA
  19. Upside- selling point for most is price, i think if the other brands were competively priced to Ironlak most would go for other brands, it covers, the pink caps that come as a stock tip are awesome, good choice of colors, they have fixed the leakage problem( I havent had any issues like that recently) Downside- shit aint as toxic as other paints, C'mon this is made in China' nuff said. Its funny alot of the Euro cans will say clean for the enviroment and eco friendly but what about human friendly. Lets not get this twisted all paint is bad for you, the best you can do is wear a good mask. I do think they use a different formula as oppose to other paints, if you notice once you spray this silly string stuff comes out, jee i wonder what that is. anyone notice that all the new paint is 11 oz instead of 12 oz. when painting without a mask or having a mask and it not being used properly I do feel a more different feeling after a day of painting with ironlak than other brands( im sure weather might play a roll as well also) Conclusion- If I had a choice and the funds, BELTON Molotow all day. that paint is by far the best. Montana Gold(Germany) is probably second. Third Montana Hardcore(Spain). Everyone else comes after this and that includes Ironlak................
  20. Hi, can someone provide any info on stores to get imported paint, and if there are any legal walls around in Tokyo will be there on some holidays. I searched this thread but didnt come up with anything concrete Peace
  21. Old cans, I got some mid to late 90's Krylon( baby blue,beige,popsicle orange) and some mid 90's American Accent( leafy green) down to trade or sell. Get at me if interested Holla
  22. Legal/Safe Spot and Supplies Yo, I rarely would reach out like this but I dont know any catz in Diego and need to find out a spot to buy some supplies and if there is a legal/safe spot anyone can roll up to paint. If anyone can PM me some info or what not it would be gladly appreciated. If you need to see flicks so you know I aint 5-0 just PM. Easy Peace
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