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  1. AHAHAHAHA. nigga clowinin on lep. those is shark infested waters boi.
  2. wow. the rain stopped. you painted ONE mediocre train, ran home and uploaded it. LAME
  3. i think some people got confused by the numbers being between the pics but heres what i got: 7. YESCA 8. HOST 12 FARES 19 HYBRID 51 SECTR AND GLOBE 55 ENTER 61 2TH 69 IKUE 79 CIPE, ASER, SOLVE
  4. damn. is that loser hang-down still runnin?
  5. HAHAHA!!! go paint a twig!
  6. that dude paintbucket is good for a laugh i almost copy n pasted all his comments but then i realized i was far too lazy plus he will probably continue anyhow so there is really no need
  7. 4 pictures is not bad for 1 day?
  8. Re: American WholeCar thread... SWEET BAKGROUND. CANT WAIT TO CATCH THAT.
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