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  1. havent been here in a while www.wylesol.com
  2. you boys ever listen to the radio heads
  3. i fuckin love new orleans. i went here for the 2nd time in august. met some little asian dude (rick) who owned ricks strip club and he bought us all fried chicken at this place thank u rick
  4. that car print is sick. always found portraits to be really challenging so i'm stoked with how this came out as always, hit up my site for more stuff
  5. heres a portrait i did of walt for more work hit up my website
  6. edit my shit is always huge and i dont feel like resizing
  7. type more arrows, it needs them
  8. lol my books look like that too, like random phrases all over the place
  9. you keep worrying about the backgrounds but honestly dude it looks good white. theres so much detail in each portrait that i think anything in the background will take away from the portraits. the spike lee jawn is nasty
  10. im from northeast philly. i drank at the rec from when i was 15 til about 22
  11. those charcoal jawns are gnarly heres a thing
  12. damn if i wasnt on the complete opposite side of the country id hit that up rap lettaz yo0 wylesol.tumblr.com
  13. thats cool, dude. congrats on that skool rolley. art skool is fun as shit and the josh keyes thing, oh man i saw some of his work in person, its so bangin. the influence is definitely there haha
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