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Everything posted by peytunia

  1. bump charleston. koc is the motherfucking shit and anyone who doesnt already know that is stupid!
  2. people take the strangest photos at the asheville legal wall.
  3. the charlotte wall looks bad ass i love the theme.
  4. yr moms jumpin on the bandwagon
  5. bump La Familia! Keep On Crushin
  6. why waste time even reading this kids bullshit if just ignores him he will go away, clearly all he wants is attention...just sayin
  7. that valet sicr fowl wall is $$$ money
  8. miyayo. that was one of the last zhous done on the mainland
  9. bump the old leder and cheese pizza kocs.
  10. myrtle beach drunk! bump the ruiner e2es & the kocs
  11. dang side bustin action, oh well. bump the homies the last two pages are super fresh.
  12. over the snow and into the tropics. bump the leder dome SOU and the fowl gvsr
  13. I saw the saw guy and the rest of that band in New Orleans a couple of months ago and those guys are basass. Bump the homies
  14. whoever is crossing out moms on bathroom walls should own up to it instead of being weak little punks hiding behind walls
  15. thanks for sharing vash moms crew dusk relic
  16. what up gar. i looooove the flicks
  17. killen our competition..... that wall looks goood. dekoe really comin up
  18. fowl goin hard in the garden woooooo
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