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  1. yáll need to invest in some PK shares, I'm chewing thru that shit like it's going out of fashion
  2. 1st time kicking the habit, 33 days off after 15yrs, fuck I'd kill for a cig right now
  3. currently having this arguement in the office right now but until we hear all the facts..........
  4. http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/drain-survivor-in-graffiti-business/2008/01/22/1200764264483.html
  5. was actually watching that movie last night for the first time, totally noticed them as well, the chick in the poster at the foot of the bed has a massive fro.........
  6. 32 going on 15. Got all my ducks in a row but I find it hard to take life too seriously sometimes, the only problem is that alot of stuff is passing by but admittedly the stress levels are relatively low. Such is life.
  7. I used to say "you're as old as the woman you feel" which was cool a month ago when I was seeing a 26yr now I'm 32 and single........shyte.
  8. Now seems as good a time as any.........
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