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  1. yes the wolf would have consumed this.
  2. drake the type a nigga to use emoticons drake the type a nigga to apply a cucumber facial mask nightly drake the type a nigga that watches chocolate drake the type a nigga that has a time of the month drake the type a nigga to say "its ok baby, i forgive you, just as long as you promise to never cheat again"
  3. take your girls dad spear fishing you'll have a blast
  4. you prolly went to paia . the volcano is called haleakala. don't go to molokai (crescent shaped island) unless your scuba, black rock right by you is better for snorkeling anyway. front street in lahaina, just east of where your staying is where the bars are. yes shit shuts down early. lahaina does suck though just to warn you.
  5. i live in maui, moved here from texas. painting scene here is nothing. they dont sell montana and all those kine, the only perk is they still have old school krylon in some places. where you staying? do you surf? what are you tying to get into?
  6. not everyone wants their shit on the internetz
  7. Re: Great Pictures~ this was stole from the NYC brick slayers thread. what yall think, real or fake?
  8. bump KYSE for getting so busy.
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