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Everything posted by northernlights

  1. toyville..... please stop just let this thread rest in peace!!!
  2. your'e in over your head... irok is a vet in the game and has been around since the mid 90's... so my best advice to you is to leave it alone... ;)
  3. obviously not traditional... but i get work from this man and he is sick... cesar romero
  4. hershel.... infinte ammo... no reload necessary.... BOSS!
  5. was watching ancient aliens and noticed this guy looks alot like...
  6. Any traditional tattooist in the chicago area looking for a shop to work out of pm me... peace
  7. http://movies.netflix.com/WiSearch?v1=Red%20State&oq=red%20state&ac_posn=1&ac_rec=true 2 thumbs and 2 toes up!!
  8. ganked from san fran thread... stole from oakland thread.. chi town writers puttin in work in the west coast...
  9. y r the mods making it look like theres actually that many people viewing this thread?? actually all threads? hmmmmmm
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