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  1. seen him before. has a poodle that is always dyed the same color as his beard.
  2. loook! i got all you niggas honkin at each other to try and gang at the cumbers. ahahaha it's a two man advantage of hatin' and i still be pickling niggas all day san. and i'm just like a garden lawyer. building up my evidence to present a strong case of how gay your mans is san. grammar gorillas all day san. 1977 till forever. san is straight corssing dress, got gay dogs, dates rikki lake, names himself johnny i have ball bags slap my face on the daily, always talkin about dicks and nuts san. i mean he used the gayleidoscope on ya niggas to try and fool you and shit but no cucumbers san. i can see through any shit, gay ray glasses, gayleidoscopes, gayzer rays and all that san. you niggas need to check your daisy dukes in at the door. nahshamean?
  3. they are products of their environments. if they see gay sex go on then they are going to have gay sex.
  4. it's how we get down baby boy. nahshamean? 77' till forever. keepin' it grammar'ed out. from your orifice to ours.
  5. what's the nunchuck my nigga, honk at cha boyyyyyyyyy! two is in the dixie cup aisle! we got the new clan san. just honk at chaaaaaaaaa boy and chue naaaaaaaahow when it's goin down! est 1977
  6. + is all shorty rockie knocks needs to know how to get down on i can whap up any of the fancy non frozen food section shit better myself, nahshamean? HONK AT YA BOY!
  7. put some peanut butter in that shit son, with some grey paint and that shit drips chippawawa type ill son. nahmean?
  8. son i got the fresh pandaapple wallet
  9. you right son, someone got they GED before 25 i see.
  10. nigga... i'll e-jock your fucking face with a box of oatmeal, nahmean ?
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